The HTC flagship is expected to return in July after two years

The HTC flagship is expected to return in July after two years

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has not had the best of times in recent years. The company has lost money and there seem to be no more ideas. A few weeks ago, the company released its April financial results. There is nothing to celebrate again; Sad. Indeed, the latest data confirm that the Taiwanese manufacturer is still in crisis. In terms of numbers, HTC had total sales of $ 10 million in April. This is a decrease of 31.25% compared to the previous month and even 49.86% compared to April 2019.

HTC Desire 20 Pro render

However, the poor performance in the smartphone market does not deter the company. According to recent reports, HTC will return to the flagship smartphone market after a long time. Although more than half of the company's energy is invested in VR, HTC's mobile phones still seem to be making slow progress. Let's not talk about the HTC Exodus crypto phone, it is a total failure as it would take over 170 years for the initial cost to pay off.

Media sources say HTC's first 5G mobile phone will arrive in July 2020. In this case, the company ends its two-year absence from the flagship scene. This smartphone will first arrive in its home country of Taiwan. However, it will likely be moved to other regions depending on its acceptance.

 HTC U12 +
HTC U12 +

At the moment, we don't have much information about this smartphone. Nevertheless, there is wild speculation that this device will be delivered with a Snapdragon 865 5G SoC. If HTC calls the device a "flagship phone" and is making a comeback after two years, it should use the SD865 SoC. In terms of appearance, this device will likely be a continuation of the HTC U12 – its last flagship phone before the sabbatical.

To begin with, we expect ultra-thin bezels on all four sides. HTC will also adopt one of the popular designs that allow full screen viewing. It could use a notch, hole, or popup camera.

In addition, HTC will launch the 4G Desire 20 series before this flagship 5G in June. The HTC Desire 20 Pro has a punch design in the upper left corner. This smartphone is a low-mid-range smartphone. There are reports that it comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 series processor. What do you think about HTC? Will it revive its smartphone business this time?

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