Honor Knuckle Screenshot

The Knuckle screenshot feature of Honor X10 honors 20 and 9X

It used to be a real problem to take a screenshot on a phone. Most often, the power button and the volume down button were held down at the same time. There was another way to hold the power button down for a few seconds and then tap "Screenshot". Google then added this feature to the notification panel. With the development of Google Assistant, it became possible to ask Google to do this using voice commands instead of you. I own the Mi MIX 2 and, like many other users, take screenshots with three fingers that swipe from top to bottom. And there was a time when we put our hands vertically on the phone screen and wiped it like a scanner. In any case, everything has now become easier. But who says it couldn't be easier? Today Honor Mobile introduced a new method of taking screenshots on its newly launched Honor X10 handset.

 Honor Knuckle Screenshot

 Honor Knuckle Screenshot

It turns out that the Honor X10 supports double knocking -in screenshots, double finger double click shot, Knuckle S-shaped scroll screenshots , Area screenshots and linear split screens. Therefore, there are five types of fairly intelligent control functions.

Knuckle screenshot on other Honor devices.

Honor Mobile also said that most of these features will be available on other Honor branded models. Honor has also brought back the ankle gestures and they will also be available for the Honor 20 series and 9X series. Of course, they will be activated after OTA updates. However, no specific date has been mentioned at the moment.

The ankle gestures originally had three functions: ankle screenshot, screen capture, and split screen. They were developed on the basis of FingerSense, a control platform from Qeexo Co. With smartphones of the Huawei P10 series, users can get rid of complex processes by tapping or sketching with their knuckles and quickly calling up functions in the system. The technology is currently being applied to high-end smartphone models from Huawei and Honor.

Huawei screenshots

Open Settings and select Smart support .

Touch Motion Control > Smart-Screenshot and turn on the switch Smart-Screenshot .

  • Full screenshot: Tap the screen twice with your ankle to completely capture the current screen] Partial screenshot: Tap the screen firmly with your ankle. Drag your ankle around the area you want to capture, then return to the starting point. Your selection is displayed on the screen. The area within the blue line is captured. You can also select the screenshot field at the top of the screen for different screenshot shapes. Touch the appropriate option to save a screenshot.

After taking a screenshot, touch Share to share with friends.

By default, screenshots are saved in the gallery in the folder Screenshots .

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