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How to enable slow 960fps and macro mode in OnePlus 7 Pro

When OnePlus released the latest update for OnePlus 7T, it secretly brought a slow motion video recording option at 960 frames per second. It was a nice surprise, especially given that the company didn't mention it in the changelog. Note, however, that the OnePlus 7T, unlike the recently released OnePlus 8 series, does not offer a “real” 960 fps mode. OnePlus uses software-based image interpolation technology to increase the number of images generated by the camera to 960 fps.

The entire process is carried out by the OxygenOS camera. Because of this, this feature could be easily activated in older OnePlus phones. The only requirement is similar camera hardware. That's exactly what XDA senior member elmarian756 did by implementing 960 fps slow motion support for the older OnePlus 7 Pro. In addition to the new slow motion mode, he also unlocked the long-awaited macro mode of the handset with a similar modification.

Enabling 960fps mode and macro mode in OnePlus 7 Pro

The developers have successfully proven that the OnePlus 7 Pro can handle these functions without any problems. However, they are disabled behind some hidden parameters. According to XDA developers, elmarian756 has activated the new recording mode by changing two XML settings files of the standard camera app. He also added a new string called Video960FpsSizes with a value of 1280 × 720. After the change, the third option was available at 960 frames per second in slow motion mode, just like in the OnePlus 7T.

The developer changed the "CameraInfo_0.xml" and the "CameraInfo_5.xml” preference files by adding a new string named Video960FpsSizes with the value 1280 × 720 . You can check the following screenshots:

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