There is already a jailbreak for the newly released iOS 13.5

There is already a jailbreak for the newly released iOS 13.5

Earlier this week, Apple launched iOS 13.5, which introduced the Exposure Notification API and faster facial recognition unlocking when wearing a mask. Although iOS 13.5 is fresh out of the oven, a jailbreak tool is already making rounds on the Internet, with which all iPhones with iOS 11 up to the stable iOS 13.5 build can be unlocked.

According to a report by WIRED the jailbreaking team Unc0ver has released a jailbreak tool that is stable and can be installed with AltStore and Cydia. In contrast to previous jailbreaking tools, the new one does not shorten battery life and does not hinder the use of services such as Apple Pay, iCloud and iMessage. The team behind the jailbreak tool also claims that "it preserves Apple's user data protection and does not undermine iOS sandbox security."

However, it has not yet been released as an open source version, which means it will be difficult for security researchers to analyze the code and look for vulnerabilities. Still, the trick is surprising since iOS 13.5 is fairly new and it often takes weeks for a jailbreak to arrive for the latest version of iOS.

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