Arm Cortex-A78 - The most efficient premium CPU ever designed

ARM introduces Cortex-A78 and Cortex X1 CPUs as well as the Mali-G78 GPU for 2021 flagships

ARM today announced its latest mobile chip solutions that will find their way to a majority of the 2021 flagship phones. In the first place is the new Cortex-A78-CPU, which supposedly brings a performance increase of 20%. It is accompanied by the high-end GPU Mali-G78 and the somewhat less powerful GPU Mali-G68. Finally, the company also removed the covers from the Cortex-X1 CPU, which can be customized for top-notch performance.

ARM Cortex-A78-CPU

The ARM Cortex-A78-CPU is said to be a 20% sustainable performance improvement compared to the ARM Cortex-A77-CPU of bring previous generation. It is also said to be 50% more energy efficient than its predecessor, use 8% less power for machine learning and take up less space when used according to the DynamIQ cluster (4x Cortex-A78 + 4x) Cortex-A55) plan.

ARM Cortex-X1

 Cortex-X1: the most powerful Cortex-CPU

According to ARM, the Cortex-X1-CPU marks the beginning of a new Cortex-X Custom Program with the partner brands The ARM team can work together to design custom CPUs based on their needs. In essence, the new initiative opens the doors for adjustments to achieve the best possible performance. According to the ARM, the Cortex-X1 CPU offers, among other things, a performance gain of 30% over the Cortex-A77 design and a twofold improvement in ML performance.

Mali G78 and Mali G68 GPUs

 Arm's Most Powerful GPU

In addition to new CPUs, ARM also announced two new GPUs – the Mali G78 GPU for flagships and the Mali G68 GPU for sub-premium phones. Based on the new Valhall architecture, the Mali G78 GPU is said to offer a 25% performance improvement, a 15% improvement in power density and a 10% higher energy efficiency for game content compared to the Mali G77 GPU.

 Mali-G68 Features

The Mali-G68 is a cheaper alternative for non-flagship devices and offers 6 core support compared to its flagship sibling's 24-core support.

Source: ARM

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