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Next Apple AirPods with ambient light sensors

TWS headphones are in vogue like never before. For this reason, it goes without saying that companies use new technologies to assert their offers against growing competition. Apple continues to lead the segment with its AirPods Pro. According to a new rumor, hard work is being done to implement new technologies in hearing aids. A new bit indicates that the company will equip future AirPods with ambient light sensors to monitor data such as blood oxygen levels and heart rate.

The report comes from the reliable employees of Digitimes and states that Apple has commissioned ASE Technology to manufacture the ambient light sensors hypothesized that the sensors could be used to monitor the number of steps, the head movement and the interpretation of the hearing frequency. Interestingly, this solution is similar to the heart rate sensor of the 2018 Galaxy S9. A light shines through your skin, and then the system measures the variations in light that is reflected back as a heartbeat. We are excited to see how a sensor of this kind would work in earphones.

It is of course unclear how this is used in earphones like the AirPods Pro taking into account their current form factor. In addition, this is a feature that could be available in the upcoming PowerBeats Pro or even Apple AirPods Pro Studio. The latter can appear at Apple's WWDC 2020 or in a separate event. The former offers more space with a ring that fits around your ear. The studio is basically a wireless headset with intelligent functions.

Apple wants to revolutionize the market for hearing aids with health-oriented functions

] Interestingly, Apple's ambient light sensor can also be integrated into some health functions such as sleep tracking. The company seems to be sticking to a strategy that delivers good results. The Cupertino-based giant revolutionized the market with its Apple Watch Series 5 and EKG reader. Now we will see TWS earphones with health monitor integration for the first time in the industry.

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