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Google faces another antitrust investigation in India

According to media reports, several informed sources have indicated that Google must again face cartel fees. The company has reportedly wrongly promoted Google Pay. The Indian antitrust authorities are currently investigating the complaint. In February this year, there were several reports that Google "highlighted" its mobile payment app "Google Pay" on Android devices in a prominent place. This “special” positioning enables his payment platform to have an unfair advantage over other platforms.

So far, the American technology giant has not commented on the recent claim. However, the Indian Competition Commission (CCI) is already investigating the case. The IHK has sent a memo to Google informing the company of the pending reports. This means that there will be an official statement in the coming days.

At some point the company has to introduce its representatives to the IHK. The regulator decides whether it is guilty or not. The IHK can instruct its investigative department to carry out a more extensive investigation of these allegations. However, it can also dismiss the case if its preliminary investigations reveal no substance. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce is currently being examined and has not made an official statement regarding its results.

Google has other pending cases in India.

This is the third antitrust challenge that the company faces in India. In 2018, CCI fined the American company $ 21 million for search bias. Google then appealed, which is still pending. Last June, the CCI poll also found that Google appears to have misused its dominant position in India. This reduces the ability of device manufacturers to choose alternative versions of the Android mobile operating system.

Counterpoint Research data shows that of the 490 million smartphones in India, approximately 98% use the Google Android platform. The IHK finds this suspicious and examines the company for it.

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