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Amazfit T-Rex will reach India next month

Huamis Amazfit has expanded its business from China in recent years. The company has already built a solid presence in competitive countries like India. A few days ago, the first reports of the launch of Amazfit Bip S appeared in India. The affordable smartwatch / fitness tracker will be available in the country on June 3. A new report shows today that the robust Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch will soon travel to the country.

The Amazon T-Rex should be unveiled in the second week of June. It is sold through Amazon, just like its sibling Amazfit Bip S. The e-commerce giant has already published an advertising page to build the hype for the new smartwatch. The T-Rex is a great deal to have the experience of a good smartwatch, but it also has to be very durable.

The Amazfit T-Rex came earlier this year during the only public technology event we had in 2020 – CES 2020. The wearable was made with one Delivered from 111 USD or 799 CNY. It is available in five colors and is considered the company's strongest watch. The robust design has 12 military certifications. You can then understand that we are not joking when we speak of a robust smartwatch.

AmazFit T-Rex Specifications

The smartwatch features a 1.3-inch AMOLED display with a variety of dials to choose from. It also has a high-precision GPS chip from Sony. The T-Rex offers 14 sport modes. Among them we have hiking, climbing and trail running. The new watch has to withstand extreme conditions and is therefore waterproof up to 50 meters.

Here too there are health-related features such as 24-hour monitoring of the ear position. The watch also supports call reminder functions, support for app notifications and other functions integrated in smartphones. According to the official data sheet, the battery can last up to 20 days or 66 days if you use it in basic watch mode.

Unfortunately, we still have no idea about prices in India. We believe Huami will choose a competitive price for it. If you are interested, just check the source link, you can sign up and Amazon will send a notification when the watch is available.

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