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Microsoft Xbox Series X can automatically add HDR and 120fps support for legacy games

Microsoft has always placed high demands on the backward compatibility of the Xbox Series X. It can play all XboxOne games and also support many games on Xbox 360 and the original Xbox. Now the company says the Xbox Series X can automatically add HDR support for games

“By working with the Xbox Advanced Technology Group, Xbox Series X is offering a new one and innovative HDR reconstruction technology that enables the platform to automatically equip games with HDR support ”said Jason Ronald, head of project management for partners at Xbox Platform Team Road. “Because the platform manages the technology itself, we can enable HDR without impacting gaming performance. We can also apply it to Xbox 360 and the original Xbox games that are almost 20 years old. Long before HDR existed. “

Ronald has not explained how Microsoft has added HDR to existing games. Still, the company has added old games like "Mirror & # 39; s Edge" to Xbox One X HDR support in the past. The new “HDR reconstruction technology” from Microsoft is applied at the platform level. This means that developers don't have to do any work. Microsoft may only update and process the game in HDR, much like Apple forces all non-4K content in Apple TV 4K to 4K HDR.

Microsoft Xbox Series X will increase the frame rate of games

The company also plans to improve some of the old games that run on the Xbox Series X by increasing the frame rate. "The Compatibility Team has invented new technologies that can run more games with higher resolution and image quality while still respecting the original author's artistic intent and vision." Ronald said: "We have new innovations, including increasing the frame rate of a selected set of games from 30 fps to 60 fps or increasing from 60 fps to 120 fps."

In addition to these game enhancements, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X is fast. The recovery feature can be enabled for existing backward-compatible games. With the quick recovery feature, you can quickly switch between multiple games.

All of these improvements are part of Microsoft's ongoing backward compatibility work. These features allow the first generation Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games to run on Xbox Series X. Microsoft plans to launch some next-generation, first-generation games in July. Ronald said: "Our 15 Xbox Game Studio team is working hard to build the largest and best exclusive lineup in Xbox history."

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