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The Exynos 992 SoC (5 nm) is first introduced with the Galaxy Note 20 series and contains ARM Cortex-A78 cores

The race for next generation lithography has begun as many manufacturers are now switching from the current 7 nm process to the next generation 5 nm process. Samsung has continued to develop its 5nm process in recent months. Reports from South Korea now show that the Korean giant will soon begin mass production. The first chipset with the new process is called Exynos 992, and rumors have it that the new platform could launch the Galaxy Note 20 series in August. In the past, Samsung shipped most of its flagships with Exynos devices. The Snapdragon flavors were limited to the United States and China.

Rumor has it that the new Exynos 992 will include the recently released ARM Cortex-A78 cores and the Mali G78 GPU. Theoretically, the new chip should offer 20% more efficiency than the current Cortex-A77 used on the Exynos 990. The newer GPU can offer 25% more performance than the Mali-G77. ARM has already confirmed that the new Cortex-A78 cores will be used in chipsets based on a 5 nm process. TSMC is another big player ready for the next generation.

The Exynos 992 will be Samsung's first 5nm chipset and also the first chip to carry the latest ARM cores. [19659006] According to industry experts, Samsung may only use the Exynos 992 chipset for Grade 20 Korean devices. The other markets may receive the Snapdragon 865 version. This is pretty interesting considering how limited the Snapdragon flavor versions have been in the past. We believe that Samsung may only be able to secure the new 5nm chips for its home country this year. Despite the limited availability, the lucky Note 20 owners in Korea will feel a massive performance improvement. In addition, for the first time in years, we will see an actual increase in performance over the Galaxy S series.

This represents a significant change in the company's strategy to introduce new chipsets with the Galaxy S series. This is similar to Huawei's strategy of introducing new chips with its flagships from the second half of the Mate series. If confirmed, the Galaxy Note 20 with Exynos 992 is much better in performance and efficiency than the Galaxy S20 with Exynos 990 or Snapdragon 865.

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