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Trump threatens to shut down Facebook, Twitter and all social networks

Donald Trump should sign a decree this Thursday amending a law that previously protected social media operators from liability for content published by their users.

The move follows the president's threats to regulate or shut down social networks accused of attempting to suppress conservative voices. This happened after Twitter posted a warning asking users to check the accuracy of Donald Trump's messages.

Trump threatens to shut down Facebook, Twitter and all social networks.

The current White House tenant, who is running for a second term, sees this warning in November as interference in the presidential election, which he will oppose Democrat Joe Biden.

The draft decree, which was confirmed by a source close to the situation, could be changed before it is signed. White House officials said on Wednesday that Donald Trump would sign a decree on social media operators this Thursday.

The decree would change section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. It is a federal law that frees online platforms such as Twitter and Facebook from responsibility for the content published by their users. Online platforms could therefore be pursued further in connection with the published content.

Specifically, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would now be forced to examine whether a social network uses political prejudice to moderate content. And if this is not compatible with the terms of use.

Donald Trump threatens to "close" social networks.

The draft decree also indicates that the Pole of the White House's digital strategy will once again set up a tool to help citizens report censorship cases online.

This tool collects complaints about online censorship. They are also submitted to the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The FTC must examine possible measures. It also determines whether the complaint violates the law. They will then prepare a report describing and publishing these complaints.

The draft decree also obliges the Attorney General to set up a working group of attorneys general of the various states. It will examine the application of government laws that prohibit online platforms from participating in unfair and misleading acts.

The task force will also review or create user watchlists based on their interactions with content or other users.

Federal spending on online advertising is also being examined by US government agencies. In this way, they ensure that the language of the platform involved is not restricted.

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