Samsung may plan to return to replaceable batteries

Samsung may plan to return to replaceable batteries

Samsung reinvented its smartphone business with the Galaxy S6 series. The company left every “cheap” aspect of its flagship range behind and made drastic changes to the design. The polycarbonate materials have been replaced by high-quality glass and alloy. However, this was associated with costs. With the new design language, Samsung has discontinued support for microSD cards and replaceable batteries. This caused an enormous backlash from customers who were used to these two functions. A year later, the company brought back microSD card support with the Galaxy S7 family. However, fans had to deal with the fact that replaceable batteries would never return.

Swap batteries were very convenient because users could easily replace a battery with a new one at the end of their life. In addition, users could easily buy two units and then always exchange what was necessary. Last but not least, we saw several third-party companies that manufacture batteries with expanded capacity for several smartphones. Nowadays we have more than powerful batteries with 4,000 mAh and even 5,000 mAh capacity. This goes hand in hand with quick charging functions. As a result, the non-replaceable batteries are sufficient to be used normally for a whole day, and charging does not take as long as in the past. However, there is one company that may be trying to give its users the convenience of replaceable batteries. We're talking about the South Korean giant Samsung – one of the last companies to leave this trend behind.

No, the next Galaxy flagship will not come with a removable battery.

Don't do that though, hold your breath to see this in the Galaxy S21 flagship (S30 or whatever Samsung calls its 2021 flagship) next year. First of all, we expect that this function will only be available again on low-end and mid-range phones. According to a recent leak, the Korean company could consider adding a replaceable battery to a future low-end device. As you can see in the picture above, the model I am questioning is identified as SM-A013F. It is believed that the model will be launched as the Galaxy A01e.

As mentioned earlier, Samsung was one of the last companies to leave replaceable batteries. Even when the company made this change to its flagship range, we still saw several mid-range and low-end devices with replaceable batteries. However, this has changed in the past two years when the company decided to develop better smartphones for all target groups. Now the company may want to examine this trend again with a budget offer.

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Upon further review, it was found that the SM_A013F code is a smartphone under development. It has a 3,000 mAh battery and 16/32 GB memory. It may just be a test to see how this trend will develop in 2020. Of course, the capacity of this battery is below the capacity of modern medium-range phones, but it's not a problem if you are able to get a second battery.

What do you think of replaceable batteries? Do you think this is necessary for practical reasons, or are larger non-removable batteries + quick charge the best way to keep the market moving?

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