The AMD Ryzen 4000 series CPU may use TSMC's 5nm process

It has been reported that the upcoming AMD Ryzen 4000 series CPU will be built using TSMC's 7nm process. TSMC's 5nm process capacity is scarce and has been booked by major customers such as Huawei and Apple. However, we know that ordering Huawei from TSMC is at stake. According to recent reports, the AMD Ryzen 4000 series will now use TSMC's 5nm process.

TSMC's 5 nm process has not been officially approved, and we cannot say exactly what this process offers. In fact, the second-generation 5 nm process from TSMC, ie, the 5 nm + process, has not yet been mass-produced. However, there are reports that TSMC will promote mass production in the four seasons of this year. This means that AMD can book the capacity of the TSMC process.

AMD CEO Su Zifeng also spoke in a meeting on Thursday about the process technology of her Ryzen 4000 series CPU. She didn't directly deny the possibility of using the 5nm + process, and she also said that the AMD CPU roadmap remains the same. Your words

“I think 5 nm is an important node and one that we will use quite a bit in our roadmap. I'm not ready to talk about timing yet, but I'll say Zen 4 is deep in design. We work very closely with TSMC. The way you think about it is that the process nodes usually start with mobile, and mobile is usually a simpler process in terms of the performance that is being sought. 5 nm are important for Zen 4 as well as for our GPU roadmap. will use 5nm. However, we'll talk about timing when we get a little closer. “

Of course there are reports that TSMC will no longer accept orders from Huawei due to the new US law. This means that there is a possibility that TSMC would like to fill the 5 nm slots. However, the TSMC contract with Huawei is initially only speculation. There are also reports that both companies have the next three months to complete all of the transactions.

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