The OnePlus 8 Pro Photochrom mode is now deactivated in global variants

The OnePlus 8 Pro Photochrom mode is now deactivated in global variants

With the announcement of OnePlus 8 Pro, the company also unveiled a very interesting, unique, but controversial feature – photochromic mode. The handset used an IR camera that we could see through plastic and thin clothing. Well, the latter "function" shows how controversial this can be for some people. Due to the buzz generated by the feature, the company decided to temporarily disable it. Initially, this only affected the OnePlus 8 Pro devices in China. However, it is now reaching the global variants of the handset.

A new update is introduced for the global variants, and the change log contains only one line. It is said that the photochromic filter leaves the camera application for further adjustments. However, the company states that the feature will be reactivated sometime in June. Interestingly, the Indian OnePlus 8 Pro variants also receive the 10.5.9.IN11DA update, which will probably also remove the function in question.

Strangely, we still have to see what exactly the "adjustment" to the original function will do. The quality is likely to be downgraded to reduce performance in photochromic mode. Despite the removal of features, nothing prevents developers from reactivating them in the future via mods. Android is known for its possibilities. In this case, OnePlus can't do much once the hardware is available.

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