Exynos 850 is a powerful chipset despite its lack of publicity

Exynos 850 is a powerful chipset despite its lack of publicity

This month Samsung launched its Exynos 880 chipset. This is the company's solution to offer 5G smartphones at a cheaper price. The new chip was specially developed for 5G mid-range smartphones. It is a fairly advanced chip that was made using a low-power 8nm process. However, it wasn't the only chip that was launched this month. The company also introduced the Exynos 850 SoC, but didn't talk much about it.

Perhaps the company has decided to keep the Exynos 850 inconspicuous. In this way, customers will pay more attention to its 5G offering. The race for the new network is becoming more competitive every day. Companies like MediaTek are testing the limits of affordability. Samsung had to announce its 5G chip offer, after all, the company can not lose space for other players who are high on the new network. However, this does not mean that the company will not further explore the 4G market.

The Exynos 850 is possibly the most energy efficient chipset in its product line.

However, the Exynos 850 is a budget-friendly chipset that offers good performance. The chipset is based on the same power-saving 8 nm LPP process as the 880. It offers more performance with lower battery costs. The system-on-chip has a 2 GHz octa-core processor with eight Cortex-A55 cores. We can see why it is targeting the budget offer as there is no more powerful Cortex-A76 core. The graphics tasks are performed by the Mali-G52 GPU. The 850 also provides support for LPDD4X RAM and eMMC 5.1 storage. These standards are not far behind those of the flagships, but most mid-range phones still ship with them. The chipset offers Cat.7 LTE connectivity.

If we compare this chipset with the Helio G70 from MediaTek, thanks to its two Cortex A75 cores, the G70 offers more performance, at least on paper. However, the Samsung chip is more energy efficient due to the 8 nm process (Helio G70 uses 12 nm). The Galaxy A21 is the first device to offer Samsung's latest range for the budget line. We believe the list of devices using it will continue to grow as more A and M devices should be released in the coming months.

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