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The best Apple Watch bands and bracelets you can buy in 2020

So you're looking for Apple Watch bands. Whether you're rocking the latest Apple Watch Series 5 or an older model, a smaller 40mm case, or the larger 44mm variant, an essential feature of the wearable is its adaptability. We don't refer to the watch faces that you can select in the Watch app, but we're talking about the ability to easily swap your watch straps so you can customize your clothes, style, dress code, or occasion.

In addition to the models offered by Apple, there are an abundance of different models from different manufacturers that you can use to make your Apple Watch unique. These Apple Watch bands are made of different materials, from metal to leather, nylon and silicone, and are available in different colors and styles.

We've put together the best Apple Watch straps that you should consider can easily find the ones we like the most and give them a try.

      For the stainless steel look

      These Apple Watch bands are available for both 42 mm and 44 mm cases, 2.0 mm and available in different colors.
       MCORS Apple Watch Band
      If you like the look of a stainless steel strap on your wrist, this is the one for you. Available in different colors and combinations for all housing sizes.
       JETech replacement strap
      This robust Apple Watch strap has a metal clasp and can be easily adjusted using the included link removal tool. Black and silver available.
       JSGJMY Apple Watch Band
      Would you like this classy look? You can't go wrong with Apple Watch leather straps. It is available in different colors to match your watch and clothes.
       KYISGOS Apple Watch Band
      This genuine leather band is available in several dozen color options and has a stainless steel buckle for an elegant look, regardless of the occasion.
       BELONGME Apple Watch Band
      If you're looking for a genuine leather watch strap for your Apple Watch that's dirt cheap, look no further. Multiple color options available.
       EXCHAR sports band
      These Apple Watch bands are made of special high-performance silicone and are perforated so that the skin can breathe during training.
       IYOU Sport Band
      It looks like Apple's original Sport Band, only with a wider range of colors. This band consists of special high-performance soft silicone.
       YC YANCH watch band
      This Apple Watch band is perforated to allow your skin to breathe. Metal parts are hypoallergenic nickel-free stainless steel.

    What if you're looking for official Apple Watch bands? They may be more expensive, but a real Apple Watch band has its own advantages that go beyond brand loyalty. Apple tapes are more durable in most cases and are made of higher quality materials. Here are three official Apple Watch bands for every price range and style.

       Sports Band
      This official Apple Watch band is available in 13 colors (plus 2 special colors) and is made of high-performance fluoroelastomer, which makes it durable and strong.
       Modern buckle
      The modern buckle is available in 4 colors and 3 sizes. It is made of Granada leather and the buckle is magnetic for easy clasping.
       Hermès Noir Gala
      This band is more expensive than the watch itself, but the name Hermès says it all. For the extravagant, handmade in France from gala leather.

    Sometimes choosing the right product for you is more difficult when you have more options. Apple Watch bands have thousands of options, if not more, at different prices, designs, styles, materials, colors, etc.

    By limiting them to our favorites, we try to make your choice easier. In our particular case, when we burn calories, we prefer the look of the YC YANCH Watch Band. Combine it with a dial that matches the band color, and you kill it in style in the gym, on the court, or on the track.

    When we get classic, we prefer the look of the JETECH Replacement Band because it brings everything a classic metal watch band is about. With a classic metal clasp and individual links, you can't go wrong if you want this "classic" look. As they say, "You can't beat a classic!"

    In the event that you dress up for a special occasion or business meeting. In this case, we prefer the KYISGOS watch band because it is simply elegant and it is affordable to get a pair or trio that matches your belt, shoes, other accessories, or general clothing. Attention: The stainless steel adapters that are connected to the watch are available in different colors. Make sure your watch color matches for a seamless look!

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