ZTE patents a foldable phone with a unique design

Currently, several mobile phone manufacturers have one or more foldable phones on their shelves. Each of these devices has a unique design. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Fold can be expanded into a large tablet. The Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola RAZR use clamshell designs, while Huawei and Royole Flexpai use the form factor design. When you look at the Huawei Mate Xs and Royole Flexpai 2, the flexible screen is outside the folded phone. A recently filed patent application shows a foldable ZTE phone with a distinctive design.

The design patent was filed by ZTE in mid-2019. The State Intellectual Property Office officially granted the patent on May 29, 2020. The patent data shows that the mobile phone differs from the previous folding phone from ZTE. It has a horizontal fold line and the screen is on the outside of the phone after folding.

When the phone is unfolded, the screen surface appears very large, similar to devices like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The Motorola RAZR also uses this design.

The edge of the screen is very thin and the receiver is on the top edge of the screen. Although this device has a camera, it cannot be displayed on the screen. The new phone can also wrap the display at the bottom. After folding the phone, the whole body looks very compact. The thickness of the top and bottom of the phone is exactly the same after folding.

The patent for foldable ZTE phones appears to be different from other devices.

The front and back of this device can be used as a screen surface. The display appears larger on the front. However, two cameras with flash can be accommodated on the back. The camera of the device in the upper left corner of the fuselage. The display of this device can be folded back so that no separate selfie camera has to be created. This obviously saves the overall cost of the phone.

There is a physical button on the left and right side of the phone. Of course, these are the on / off switches and volume controls. Since the display can be folded back through the bottom of the case, the USB-C interface has been moved up. This design makes it convenient, otherwise the phone cannot be charged after folding.

At first glance, it is of course a stylish mobile phone. If you attach the screen outside, there is no need to install a separate selfie camera. The foldable ZTE phone only has two cameras, which indicates that it is a relatively cheap foldable phone. However, let's not forget that the durability of the flexible screen is still an issue. This is because the flexible screen is easier to scratch outdoors.

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