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Huawei patented two smartphones with an under-screen camera

Chinese manufacturing giant Huawei has been the subject of much controversy this year. However, this does not prevent the company from launching new smartphones. For example, the Huawei P40 series was released in / outside of China earlier this year – without Google services. The Mate 40 series will also be released later this year. The company is also developing new models with a futuristic design. Huawei does not appear to be a company that can cope with several bans on the US

. A recent report shows that Huawei appears to be working on a rimless smartphone. This device has a very rounded display and a camera under the screen. This emerges from two patent applications that are now CNIPA approved.

Huawei phone with camera under the screen

The two patents were filed on October 28, 2019 by Huawei Technologies with CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Office). . Both patents were published on June 2, 2020 and each contain 7 product images of an unannounced Huawei smartphone. Basically, the two patents are the same – only the rear view camera system differs depending on the model.

 Huawei patent

This smartphone is a very futuristic looking device. The product images show a Huawei full screen phone. The screen extends very far to the side – further than the current waterfall display of the Mate 30 series. There are also no physical buttons on the sides of the device. There is only one on / off button at the top. Huawei has long used the principle that the volume buttons can be accessed virtually via the sidebar. The bottom of the device has space for a USB Type-C connection.

The front camera is not visible at all on the new Huawei smartphone. As we see in the company's latest top models, there is no pinhole system – think of the P40 series. There doesn't seem to be a pop-up camera system on the top of the device. Most likely, the patented smartphone has a camera under the screen.

Several manufacturers have shown a prototype of a phone with a camera under the screen – like Oppo and Xiaomi. However, this technology takes more time to be good enough for a smartphone. It goes without saying that the innovative Huawei certainly wants to react to this new trend. So far, the two patents are the same. Both show a full-screen design with a sub-picture camera. Only the rear camera system differs from each other.

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