Android 11 has a secret dessert name and it is Red Velvet Cake

Android 11 has a secret dessert name and it is Red Velvet Cake

After almost a decade in which all major Android builds were named for a dessert, Google finally decided to change things last year, saying Android 10 would only be called Android 10 while the next version also followed and made her debut as Android 11 But it seems that dropping all of this dessert love is only for the masses, as Googlers still love to name Android 11 builds after sweet delicacies, and the same goes for Android 11. [19659002] In a recent interview with AllAboutAndroid ( via AndroidAuthority ) Dave Burke, Vice President of Engineering for Android at Google, revealed that the internal code name for Android 11 is RVC for Red Velvet Cake . However, it seems that the name is only used by the team working on Android 11 and does not appear on a billboard so quickly.

"We're turning it to 11, so it's Android 11. However, if you should ask a member of my team," What are you working on? " You would say RVC, and this is RVC Red Velvet Cake, "Burke was quoted. We have missed the whole debate about the dessert name of every new version of Android over the years, but using a simple numerical naming scheme has definitely made it easier for yourself to remember things.

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