Discounted Aliexpress devices from various categories

Discounted Aliexpress devices from various categories

In the current Covid-19 period, the demand for devices and accessories for health monitoring is increasing logically. And not just the direct ones that are linked to the corona virus, such as face masks, gloves or disinfectants. There are also very practical digital devices that you can use to measure some aspects of your health. Today we have two devices like this one from Aliexpress for you. Both the fingertip pulse oximeter and the non-contact IR thermometer are extremely affordable. And for the most part, we're going to throw something else there with the multifunctional waterproof backpacks.

Let's start with the non-contact digital infrared thermometer, as it is an extremely practical technical device. You will appreciate it especially when dealing with children, because you only have to point your forehead and read the result on the LCD screen. Not to mention that you can easily measure the temperature of different objects if necessary. The thermometer has a memory function, an acoustic alarm and is powered by AAA batteries. Can be yours from $ 9.23 when different stocks are available.

We'll look at the pulse oximeter with our fingertips. And what is the purpose of such a health tracking gadget? It is used to measure your blood pressure, level of blood oxygen saturation, or the speed and strength of your pulse. It is completely non-invasive and all you have to do is insert your fingertip into this little device. Then you can see the results clearly on the LED digital display. Powered by the 2xAAA batteries, it lasts forever. The price starts at $ 8.39 and you can choose between Chinese and US warehouse.

Finally, we have the waterproof backpacks for you today. The first is the larger one, which is available in gray or blue and has numerous storage compartments for your camera, accessories or even a laptop. At $ 20.22, it's very affordable. A smaller backpack is only intended for the camera with padded partitions. Available in five colors and at a price of just $ 12.14.

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