Google’s news app receives reactions, sticker suggestions, and a media editor for RCS chat

Google today announced a number of new features for its messaging app to present as a viable iMessage equivalent for Android. However, the new functions of the messaging app such as reactions and suggestions for stickers are only available for devices on which the RCS chat is activated.


The new functions are initially reactions. As the name suggests, you can respond to a message by choosing from a range of animated responses, rather than entering a response. To send a response, simply long press a message and tap the appropriate response.

 Suggested Stickers.gif

The second new feature in Messages are sticker suggestions that work with the Smart Answer feature if you have enabled it. If you now receive a message, sticker suggestions will automatically appear next to the text-based suggestions.

 Media editor.gif

When users click an image with the in-app camera interface, an edit button is now displayed that allows them to add text or scribble on them with different brushes. If you want to give your messages a more personal touch, you can now send an audio response simply by holding down the new microphone button on the build bar.

Source: Google Blog

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