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Gorilla Glass Victus revealed promises to survive 2m drops

Corning has just launched the next generation of its popular gorilla glass. While you might expect it to come out as Gorilla Glass 6, it isn't. The company has decided to introduce a new branding scheme. This year it's Gorilla Glass Victus. The new aluminum silicate glass promises a massive improvement over previous generations. The company always promises improvements for every generation. This year is no exception, as the coating should survive up to 2 m drops on hard surfaces.

The company has shown several controlled tests in which the glass surfaces from 2 meters face first fall onto a hard surface. Non-Corning glass usually shatters into drops as small as 0.8 m. According to the company. While the Gorilla Glass had an 80% chance of survival of 1.6 m and Gorilla Glass 6 was more of an incremental upgrade. The new Gorilla Glass Victus can withstand 2 m falls. Of course, these are controlled tests and are not sufficient to prove how the coating works in real scenarios. In addition, face-first drops are not as harmful as drops on diagonal or irregular surfaces.

According to the company, Gorilla Glass Victus also offers additional scratch resistance. In a test carried out by Knoop, using force and diamond to scratch, the new Corning Glass only got a few small scratches with a load of 8 Newtons. A sample of a competing glass protector suffered worse damage at half the force applied. The new Gorilla Glass standard also shines in durability tests. The damage caused by the deeper scratches made the other glass break much easier than Victus.

Gorilla Glass Victus will be available in a future Galaxy smartphone.

Corning states that Samsung will be one of the first companies to launch a product with this feature, the new Gorilla Glass Victus. Don't hold your breath to see it in the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series. It is too late for that. Samsung Unpacked's new devices will likely be equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 6. The new product with Gorilla Glass Victus will be available "in the near future".

It is no surprise to see Samsung as the first company to use the latest glass from Corning technology. The company recently partnered with Corning to improve the glass coating on foldable smartphones. In addition, this partnership is likely to secure / prioritize delivery of normal Gorilla Glass to Samsung smartphones.

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