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Nubia Watch with flexible display gets more teasers

Nubia is preparing to launch its Red Magic 5S with teasers on Weibo. In addition to the gaming smartphone, the company was supposed to unveil a portable device and finally confirmed the nickname Nubia Watch with an official poster. The flexible OLED display and better processing quality were also shown.

The official teaser for Weibo [19659002] confirms that the watch will make its debut on July 28th and shows the design of the watch in all its glory. The display part of the teaser attracts our attention from the first glance when it bends into the belt area. The display also has a metric scale on the right.

If we look beyond the display, the back of the watch seems to have a flexible part of the bracelet, probably to support the curved display. The bracelet hooks and the base of the watch look top-notch, as the teaser confirms that the wearable device is made of a combination of 316L stainless steel and aluminum.

Nubia clock: What can you expect? 19659010] There is a crown in the middle of the right side and two round buttons at both ends. The watch will also have an OLED display, which is understandable when you consider that last year’s portable alpha smartphone had the same thing.

However, Nubia has yet to officially announce more about the device. Last year it launched the Nubia Alpha which it projects as a smartphone that can be carried in hands. Although the Nubia Watch looks very similar to the Alpha, it is unclear whether the device will be a successor to the Alpha and will be advertised as a portable smartphone or just as a smartwatch. The official poster suggests the secondary one.

The internals of the device including the software still have to be revealed. Last year we saw a heavily customized version of Android on the Nubia Alpha, and the new portable device could very well host a similar version of the software.

A few days ago the watch was listed on China's JD .com for reservations with posters with the slogan "Urban Adventurer". Although the watch was expected to be unveiled soon, the poster images confirm that it will debut alongside the Red Magic 5S smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ SoC.

We'll wait the next few days until more teasers from the company learn more about it.

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