New RedmiBook appears on May 26 next to Redmi 10X

The surface from Apple Lightning to USB-C cables is available in black and white

According to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chio Kuo, Cupertino will take a controversial step this year by skipping the in-box accessories of its iPhone 12 series. There is no confirmation yet, but today a series of images have emerged that reveal Apple's alleged new braided lighting for USB-C cables. The Leakster @Lovetodream gives us a first look at the new cables. They are available in black and white, two traditional colors.

Apple normally offers a black Lightning cable with its iMac Pro 2017, which can be used to charge the supplied Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2. White cables were always included with all iPhone models. Recent speculations indicate that the new Lightning cables will measure 1.05 m, just like the current in-box cable, but their diameter will be considerably larger at 3.04 mm. The main change is that with the white color option, the rubber tube under the connector is missing. The black option in the counterpart has the hose and also seems to have a matt finish at the top. There is no confirmation yet that these cables are real or whether Apple will bundle them with the iPhone 12 series.

While the black color seems interesting to match possible black iPhone models, this variant can also be used for future iPad devices.

19659004] Apple iPhone 12 models ship with updated camera sensors.

The analyst recently announced that iPhone users are likely to consider a new upgrade in terms of camera performance. Because the newer iPhone 12 models will pack new sensors. Apple has added high-quality Semco and Sunny Optical lenses to its supply chain this year. For those who don't know, Semco is a Korea-based company. Sunny Optical, on the other hand, comes from China. The new models will likely have new lenses from these companies. According to Kuo, they will deliver better overall performance and improve auto focus functionality. In addition, Semco's ball-based voice coil motor in the lenses is likely to replace the current spring-based solution.

Kuo also provided important information. According to him, Semco is likely to manufacture the periscope-style telephoto lenses used in 2022 iPhones. That may sound interesting, but it's a shame to hear that it will take Apple two years to finally introduce periscope technology, which is known for its crazy zoom capabilities.

As the new iPhone models approach the shores, we will likely learn more about them in the coming weeks.

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