Nubia Red Magic 5s has a new record in AnTuTu

Nubia Red Magic 5s has a new record in AnTuTu

Gaming smartphones are very special compared to other smartphone devices. The positioning as gaming enables first-class hardware, an excellent screen and all types of gaming gadgets or accessories. This should be the case with the upcoming Nubia Red Magic 5s, whose announcement is expected on July 28th. It has to compete with the current Asus ROG Phone 3 and Lenovo Legion Pro.

Nubia Red Magic 5s has a new record in AnTuTu

. So it may happen that the new Nubia product is the most powerful on the market at the time of the announcement. At least the company is now showing that Red Magic 5s wins 659,586 points in the AnTuTu benchmark. And this is significantly more than the result of the Lenovo Legion Pro, which, according to the results of the test on the same platform, scored around 649,000 points.

It is known that the Red Magic 5s itself should receive an OLED screen with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a sampling rate of 240 Hz. The company focuses particularly on the sampling rate of the touch buttons at the ends – 320 Hz. The smartphone is based on Snapdragon 865+, has LPDDR5-RAM, UFS 3.1 flash drive, an advanced cooling system with and fast charging.

Simultaneously with the premiere of Red Magic 5s, a 120 W charger and an intelligent hourly Nubia clock with curved OLED display appears.

Nubia Watch is unveiled alongside the Red Magic 5S.

According to recent rumors, Nubia is preparing two different products for publication. The first is a new update for the Red Magic 5S gaming smartphone series. The second product is a new smartwatch, which is initially called Nubia Watch. The teaser campaign for the former started a little earlier this month. The latter was recently teased, but according to a new post, the company will launch both products on July 28 next week. In addition to the big unveiling, the company also shared some key design features of the new watch.

The new watch will be equipped with an aluminum case and "soft" stainless steel 316L. According to teasers, the new wearable will include a curved OLED panel, and apparently there is an Apple Watch-style crown on the side. The wearable looks more like a smart band than a smart watch. However, we will continue to consider it a smartwatch before an official appearance. Interestingly, Nubia markets the watch as "more economical", which in the best case means "affordable". But it can also stand for "ecological" properties. More details should be known early enough as the device's start date approaches.

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