The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra does not have an updated 108MP sensor

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra does not have an updated 108MP sensor

Samsung is preparing for one of its biggest events in 2020 with Galaxy Unpacked. On August 5, the company will launch a variety of new products, including the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. We're also getting an announcement for the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 (note the Z), the new Galaxy Buds Live, and the Galaxy Watch 3. Each of these devices has leaked so much lately that we won't have any more surprises on it 5th of August. After extensive leaks that reveal the specifications of Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, we bring some disappointing news . The hardware of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is based on the S20 Ultra, but with some downgrades.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera will be a downgrade [19659005] The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will get a large 1 / 1.33 sensor with a resolution of 108 MP, which is not a big news, and this sensor offers 8K video recording, but is still limited to 24 fps, which has been somewhat disappointing since then S865 phones can already take 8K @ 30fps shots, and some reports have indicated that phase detection autofocus is in place, and the phone now appears to only support phase detection, which may have allayed some of the Galaxy S20 Ultra's concerns m serious problems with the autofocus functions. We expected phase detection autofocus to come and significantly improve this behavior. Now we can only hope that everything will be repaired by Samsung.

The Note 20 Ultra comes with a downgraded periscope zoom camera. Gone is the 1 / 2.0-inch sensor with 48 MP that can be found on the s20 Ultra. Instead we have a lower resolution sensor with a size of 1 / 3.6 and 12 MP. However, the lens can offer 5x magnification and OIS. The aperture is a little brighter f / 3.0. Here's the answer to explain why the phone doesn't get 100x room zoom. Instead, we only have 50 times.

The 12-megapixel ultra-wide shooter is intact, but the 3D ToF sensor is removed. Neither of the Note 20 has a 3D sensor, instead both use laser autofocus. Perhaps this is Samsung's answer to fix the auto focus problems.

The Galaxy Note 20 retains the S20 camera setup.

The Galaxy Note 20 won't come as a big surprise. The S20 camera with 12MP resolution and large 1.8 pixels will be obtained. In addition to the new laser autofocus, the vanilla variant also maintains the phase detection autofocus. The 64MP module is used as a 3x hybrid zoom camera and for 8K @ 24fps recordings. The ultra-wide camera consists of the same 12MP modules with a field of view of 120 °.

Despite the underwhelming camera setup, Samsung is planning some incremental upgrades for the S Pen. The latency will drop to 9 ms, making the pen feel as instant as using pen and paper. The pen is fully integrated with Microsoft's OneNote. Last but not least, the leak also confirms Microsoft's xCloud with Gamepass.

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