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Xiaomi Mi Ebook Reader Receives Bluetooth Certification

The market for e-book readers may be slow these days, but this does not prevent companies from playing with the segment. Last year, Xiaomi announced its very first e-book reader called MiReader. Unfortunately, this product is something we global customers can only get if we import it from China and comply with all language restrictions. The product was exclusive to Xiaomi's stronghold, but according to a new certification it could finally reach the overseas market as a Mi Ebook Reader.

The upcoming Mi Ebook Reader was discovered in the Bluetooth SIG databases. The device received its Bluetooth certification on July 32nd. The certificate shows that a connection is established via a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. The company recently launched some of its products outside of China to expand its global ecosystem. If you are familiar with Xiaomi, you know that the company offers a variety of products other than just smartphones. Unfortunately, only a few of these products reach the West. A few weeks ago, the company announced its Mi portable electric air compressor in India. The product was released in China over a year ago before being released worldwide. The Mi notebook PCs have also found their way to China and gained a certain popularity. It is no surprise that the MI Ebook Reader is leaving China.

MiReader Specifications

The original MiReader had a 6-inch e-ink screen with 221 pixels per inch. There is also a 24-stage adjustable LED with front lighting. Therefore, users can read it in the dark. There is an Allwinner processor under the hood. Do you remember Allwinner ?. This chipset offers enough power that an e-book reader needs and is coupled with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB memory. That's a good amount of space for multiple e-books. The E-Ink Reader offers support for various file formats. The list includes epub, PDF, DOC, XLS and TXT. Users can easily load their own content from the page onto the handset.

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Unfortunately, we cannot say when the Mi Ebook Reader will be launched on the world markets. In addition, we have no precise idea of ​​which countries will be considered with this new piece of Xiaomi's technology. More details will be announced shortly. By the way, we are excited to see how this product will develop in countries that are easily dominated by Amazon's e-ink readers.

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