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Macs could soon borrow this iPhone and iPad function

Mac could soon borrow the Face ID feature of the iPhone and iPad, which allows users to unlock the device through advanced facial recognition. The information comes from 9To5Mac, who found references to the TrueDepth camera under macOS Big Sur. It suggests that Apple is looking forward to bringing the facial recognition feature to its computers.

Apple uses the code name "PearlCamera" for the TrueDepth camera and face recognition. The release found a new extension for macOS Big Sur Beta 3 with codes like "FaceDetect" and "BioCapture", which should support PearlCamera. It confirms that Apple is preparing macOS for use with Face ID.

The report further states that the implementation is still at an early stage. Therefore, it may take some time for Apple to announce a new Mac model with the TrueDepth camera to support Face ID. We don't yet know how Face ID works on Mac, but it probably works the same way it does on iPhone and iPad.

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