Google offers support for streaming with a resolution of 1440p in Stadia

Google Stadia tests the streaming of games in a 4G or 5G mobile network

Since its debut, Google’s Stadia game streaming service has been limited to gaming over WiFi. This also makes sense given the insane amount of data you burn when you play a graphics-intensive game. For those longing for a Stadia experience on the go, Google has started testing a new feature that allows users to enjoy Stadia games over 4G or 5G cellular networks.

However, Google has not specified how much data will be streamed game on stadiums will consume. It is also unclear at what resolution the games can be played over 4G or 5G networks and whether all games deliver the same graphics output at a certain speed. As mentioned above, it is only an experimental opt-in function. This means that Google may be able to optimize performance issues if necessary.

To activate games over 5G or 4G, open the Stadia app on your phone, tap on your avatar and then on Experiments and then select the option Use mobile data . The new Stadia test went live yesterday and is now available to users who have already enjoyed one or two game sessions over a 4G network.

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