The iPhone 12 and its successor do not get the refresh rate of 120 Hz

The iPhone 12 and its successor do not get the refresh rate of 120 Hz

iPhone users eagerly waiting for Apple to use high-refresh screens in new models should be patient.

iPhone 12 and its successor do not get the refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Sources in the supply chain say the iPhone 12, which is expected to be released in the fall and will definitely not get a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. In addition, Apple will not implement such screens in smartphones that will be released next year. The earliest date when such screens can appear in the iPhone series is 2022.

Given that the Android market already has a large number of smartphones with refresh rates of 90, 120 Hz and higher Used in modern iPhones 60 Hz displays is a little annoying. But for Apple, the past was about "innovations" years after its debut in the Android world.

One of the main reasons why Apple won't use 120 Hz screens on iPhones has been reported to be the increased cost. As a result, you either have to raise prices or keep them at the same level and get less from every smartphone sold.

The iPhone 12 will be launched on September 8th.

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According to a tipster who is very reliable with regard to Apple products, the Cupertino-based company will finally introduce its iPhone 12 family on September 8th. The new smartphones will be presented alongside the new Apple Watch Series 6. In addition, the Leakster suggests that the new iPad Pro, rumored Apple Glass and MacBooks with Apple's in-house ARM chips will be released on October 27th.

It is remarkable that this is not confirmed. However, given the choice of data from Apple in the past, September 8th makes perfect sense. In 2019, the company unveiled the iPhone 11 series on Tuesday, September 10. This year, September 8th also takes place on a Tuesday. If you're familiar with the nature of Apple, you'll know how much the company likes to keep to the schedule. In addition, the report suggests that a new iPad will be on the shelves soon. In addition, the long-rumored AirPower charger for iPhones and AirPods will also be available. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and possible restrictions, the event is streamed online.

When it comes to the October 27 event, we may see a new MacBook and MacBook Pro 13. Both are likely to come with Apple's silicon chipset. As you may know, the company does not use Intel chipsets in favor of an ARM solution. For this reason, macOS is changing drastically to support ARM-based applications. As a result, the new MacBooks can offer support for iPhone and iPad apps. The company will finally introduce the Apple Glass project and the new updated iPad Pro.

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