Obtain these discounted masks, disinfectants, and accessories

Obtain these discounted masks, disinfectants, and accessories

Despite optimistic predictions that we are now free and free from the outbreak of the coronavirus, it looks like we are actually preparing for a second wave.

This means it's time to stock up on a range of protective masks and disinfectors that will keep you and your loved ones safe from harm for the foreseeable future, as well as the eight best-selling anti-coronavirus items and accessories listed below are only available for a limited time.

1. CompressMax Air ™ Face Mask + Filter

RRP: 30 USD | Sell ​​Price: $ 19.99 (33% off)

Protect yourself from harmful particles in the air when you are on the go with this face mask every day. The CompressMax Air ™ offers a universal fit and uniquely comfortable design and two breathing valves that reduce the build-up of heat and moisture in the mask so you hardly notice it is there.

2. 2-layer knitted jersey face mask – adults, different colors (5-pack)

MSRP: 40 USD | Sale price: $ 24.99 (37% off)

This comfortable face mask is available in different colors and easily prevents contact with harmful particles and bacteria. You can wear it for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Thanks to a high-quality cotton-polyester blend, it can easily be thrown into the laundry.

3. Antiviral mask with silver stripes: pack of 10

MSRP: 240 USD | Selling price: $ 175 (27% off)

This pack of 10 antiviral masks is a must for any family that has weathered the pandemic. It has antimicrobial fibers that filter out harmful particles, and soft ear straps allow for all-day comfort.

4. Active masks: 3-pack

MSRP: 27 USD | Sell ​​Price: $ 22.99 (14% Off)

This super breathable mask is perfect for active people and blocks unwanted particles thanks to a double layer of cotton. It also offers an incredibly tight fit that won't strain you on the go.

5. Premium Everyday Face Mask: 2-pack

RRP: 26 USD | Sell ​​Price: 22.99 USD (10% Discount)

With this best-selling face mask, you can filter out a variety of pollutants. It protects you from everything, from dust and fumes to sneezing and coughing, and you can fold it into a pocket-sized square that you can easily take with you.

6. Shine & Clean® 1L hand disinfectant gel: 12-pack

RRP: 210 USD | Sale price: $ 188.99 (10% discount)

These first-class hand disinfectant bottles kill up to 99.9% of germs in just fifteen seconds. These Shine & Clean bottles are made from 70% ethyl alcohol and are FDA registered and small enough for easy transportation.

7. UV BoxSanitizer®

RRP: 70 USD | Selling price: $ 52.95 (24% discount)

With this UV-C light box, you can quickly kill the countless germs and bacteria that live on your smartphone. You can remove a variety of germs and viruses in less than six minutes, and it's easy to disinfect other small devices that also fit in the box.

8. Contact: The germ-free touch tool (2-pack)

MSRP: 50 USD | Sell ​​Price: 27.99 USD (43% off)

Drastically reduce your contact with the outside world with this aseptic touch tool. This key is made from naturally antimicrobial materials and can be used to open doors, press buttons, and more.

Prices subject to change.

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