The suspected PS5 Pro patent shows a multi-GPU solution

Japanese manufacturing giant Sony will officially release the Sony PS5 later this year. There has been much speculation about this device in recent months. The company has officially confirmed the PS5 hardware specifications. In addition, some third-party games and their release dates are already public. However, there is still speculation about the upcoming PS5. The latest information suggests that Sony may launch a more powerful PS5 console that uses a multi-GPU solution. According to techsina, a new patent indicates that the PlayStation with multiple GPUs is likely the PS5 Pro.

According to the report, the title of the patent is "Scalable Gaming Console CPU / GPU for Home Console and Cloud Gaming".

Suspected PS5 Pro Patent Description

The description of the patent is

. “The management of the frame buffer is possible by having multiple GPUs rendering their own video images or separate parts of each video frame in a multi-render -GPU- Emulation environment. One of the GPUs controls HDMI frame output by receiving frame information from the other GPU and reading the entire frame through the HDMI output connector. Alternatively, the outputs of the GPU can be multiplexed together. "

In addition, the description of the patent also reads:" As described herein, SoC technology can be applied to video emulation consoles such as game consoles, and in particular a single SoC can be used for a & # 39; light & # 39; Version of the console can be provided, while multiple SoCs can be used to provide a "high-end" version of the console with greater processing and storage capacity than the "Light" version. & # 39; high-end & # 39; systems may also contain more memory, such as Memory and other features, and can be used for cloud-optimized versions that use the same console chips for better performance. “

The biggest highlight of the patent is the reference to the scalability of the GPU. The report notes that it may also be available as an upgrade kit and not as a brand new product. In addition, we have already seen many Sony game console patents. However, many of these patents never become end products.

There is therefore no direct connection between this patent and the PlayStation 5. However, the timing of this patent gives rise to speculation that it could be the PS5 Pro. There is currently no official confirmation of the existence of a PS5 Pro.

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