Cortana no longer receives Microsoft support for Android and iOS

Cortana no longer receives Microsoft support for Android and iOS

Microsoft does not appear to be satisfied with how its digital assistant behaves against Google Assistant and Siri. The company has announced some changes to end Cortana's presence on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

“The first change is to end support for all third-party Cortana capabilities on September 7th. We'll do this in early 2021. Stop supporting the Cortana mobile app (iOS and Android) as you can now manage your calendar and emails, attend meetings, and do much more with our new productivity-driven experiences . “

Microsoft Cortana was not as good as the character we saw in the Halo game series. This digital assistant could not compete with Siri, the Google assistant and Amazon's Alexa. Therefore, Microsoft has decided to end support for Android and iOS apps by the end of this year. Now Cortana will no longer disappear from your devices as it becomes a productivity assistant that is present in Outlook and Teams. Unfortunately, third-party Cortana capabilities will lose support on September 7, and Microsoft has also announced it will end support for the Harman Kardon Invoke spokesman in January 2021. However, users who have used Cortana at least once will receive a $ 50 Microsoft gift card as compensation.

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