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SMIC asks the USA for permission to continue supplying Huawei –

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) is the largest chip foundry in China. That company was Huawei's hope for entry-level Kirin chips. However, the new US ban also includes SMIC. Apparently, SMIC is using American technology and cannot use that technology to work for Huawei without US government permission.

Today is the deadline for the Huawei ban. This means that as of today, companies using American technology will no longer be able to work with Huawei without permission. According to a recent report, SIMC is trying to get the necessary permits from the US. The Chinese foundry has applied to the US to continue supplying Huawei in accordance with the regulations. It was confirmed that the laws and regulations of the relevant countries and regions are strictly observed.

Earlier media reports indicate that Huawei is looking for alternatives that can "downsize" high-end cell phones to cars and OLED screens, drivers, etc. with software and peripherals for cell phones. Therefore, the foundry technology from SMIC meets the relevant requirements.

Today (September 15) is the first day that the US began implementing a comprehensive “cut-off” from Huawei. Starting today, TSMC, Samsung, SK Hynix and other manufacturers will also stop supplying Huawei under the ban.

TSMC, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Integration of Sanan, Samsung Display, SK Hynix etc. have already submitted license applications. However, the US Department of Commerce has not granted any company the Huawei Supply license.

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