The next Explorer Project smartphone from LG will have a pull-out, pull-out display

The next Explorer Project smartphone from LG will have a pull-out, pull-out display

LG Wing went official today, showcasing a fierce dual-screen design that swiveled the primary display 90 degrees to reveal a secondary display underneath. LG's efforts are definitely commendable, especially with someone finally making boring smartphones that don't look like a glass plate. Additionally, the company detailed a number of software optimizations and use case scenarios to evaluate the form factor as truly functional, not just a one-off, playful attempt at design. However, it appears that LG has another notable device in the pipeline that will experiment with yet another unconventional form factor – a phone with a slide-out slide-out display . LG only gave us a glimpse of the retractable display through a brief teaser, but it certainly got our hearts racing.

Head to the 32:34 mark in the video above to see the teaser of LG's upcoming Explorer Project device.

At the end of the official LG Wing launch video, the company teased a device whose display slides out of the inside frame. We're not sure if the company's next experimental design smartphone – efforts now under the new Explorer Project initiative – a phone-tablet hybrid (similar to the Galaxy Z Fold2 or the HUAWEI Mate ) will be Xs) or will it just be a compact phone whose display slides out to provide a larger screen area. The latter is a concept that has already been implemented with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the foldable Motorola RAZR phones. Regardless of which route it ultimately takes, the next LG offering definitely seems to be another wild design experiment that hasn't hit stores yet.

However, LG's vision of a phone with a retractable retractable display is not entirely unique. Back in February of this year, renders of an unannounced TCL device surfaced online, showing a phone with a retractable display that can be pulled out to turn it into a tablet. TCL's phone-tablet hybrid was due to be unveiled at MWC 2020, but the show's cancellation put those plans at risk. Right now, we don't know what display technology LG will use for its next Explorer Project device, but we're excited to see how the company translates its vision of a phone with a retractable screen.

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