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iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 will be introduced tomorrow

This is a very strange September for the very strange year 2020. The reason? Well, we have reached the second half of the month and there is no signal for a new Apple iPhone in the corner. Well, this comes as no surprise as a number of reports have already confirmed that Apple will opt for a Q4 version for the new iPhone 12 models this year. There are a number of reasons to justify the delay, but the COVID-19 ramifications certainly played a large part in this decision. In order not to leave its fans without a good event in September, the company decided to present a new set of smartwatches today – the Apple Watch 6 and 6 SE, as well as a new iPad and our first look at the upcoming iPhone chipset A14 Bionic .

The company also brought great news to all Apple device enthusiasts. The company will be releasing the full version of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 14, and tvOS 14 tomorrow, September 16.

Improvements to iOS 14

iOS 14 has a redesigned home screen and for the first time it added support for widgets. They are of different sizes and show the weather forecast. Widgets can also show current podcasts, upcoming dates, and more. A new feature called Apps Library lists all of the applications installed on a single screen and automatically categorized.

The new update also adds a picture-in-picture feature to display FaceTime videos and calls on the corner of the screen. The new operating system also improves Siri's interaction with the system. The personal assistant only shows an icon at the bottom. The icon indicates Siri is listening to you and responds with a notification at the top.

iPadOS 14 Enhancements

IPadOS 14 has many of the new features of iOS 14, but has features that are optimized for iPads. One of them is Scribble. Users can handwrite with Apple Pencil and the content is automatically converted to typed text. This works in any application, with multi-language support for photos, locations, and hidden options. The archive has also been redesigned and is similar to the macOS Finder. In addition, Music, Shortcuts, Recorder, and other popular apps have been given a new sidebar to provide a more unified experience.

watchOS 7 e tvOS 14

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The tvOS 14 does not have a lot of new features, but we have PiP mode, support for more than one user and the integration of surveillance cameras in Homekit. In addition, the system can finally play 4K videos in the YouTube app on a compatible Apple TV.

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watchOS 7 is a major step forward for the company's smartwatches. It offers sleep monitoring and hand wash detection. The latter starts a 20-second counter when you start cleaning, and warns you if you interrupt before the recommended time. The new wearables will also recognize more categories of exercise such as dance and functional training.

Now all the company needs to do is roll out the macOS Big Sur, wa It's also an important milestone as it adds support for the upcoming ARM-based MacBooks and iMacs. Further details should be announced tomorrow.

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