Coronavirus latest news: Children being 'left behind' in vaccination programme, warns JCVI

Coronavirus latest news: Children being ‘left behind’ in vaccination programme, warns JCVI

Prof Finn was asked if there is evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines are a risk to under-16s, and he told BBC Breakfast: “There is evidence for more or less all of the vaccines against Covid that the side-effect rate, the reactogenicity that we see, basically goes up the younger you are.”

Asked how we can ever know what the risk factor is when children are not being given the jabs, Prof Finn said: “Well the way we do that is to run trials in younger people. 

First of all teenagers and then younger children, to monitor very closely their immune responses, and the rates of side effects in order to provide MHRA (the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) with the data that they would need in order to authorise the use of the vaccines in younger people.”

He said a study with the Oxford vaccine has been temporarily suspended while the concerns around blood clots are investigated.

“The Pfizer vaccine has been trialled in teenagers and they’ve press released the results but we’ve not seen the full data yet, and we’re just tooling up to start doing studies in some of the other vaccines as well in kids,” he said.

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