Coronavirus latest news: Police injured in London anti-lockdown protest

Coronavirus latest news: Police injured in London anti-lockdown protest

A Mallorca man who infected 22 people with Covid-19 has been arrested on suspicion of assault for going to work and the gym despite signs he had the virus, police said on Saturday.

Police on the Spanish island started investigating at the end of January after an outbreak in the town of Manacor, following reports an employee had “become infected but hidden his illness”.

Days before the outbreak was detected, he began to show symptoms, causing his colleagues concern, but did not want to go home.

At the end of the day, he went for a PCR test but didn’t wait for the result, returning the next day to his job and also attending his local gym.

Police allege the man walked around his workplace, deliberately lowering his mask when he coughed and taunting them by saying: “I’m going to infect you all with coronavirus.”

When his positive result came through at the end of the day, his colleagues were also tested. Five were positive, and they infected several of their family members, including three one-year-old babies.

At the gym, three people who had been in direct contact with the man were also infected and passed on the virus to family members.

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