Coronavirus latest news: Roadmap can't be safely accelerated despite vaccine success, says minister

Coronavirus latest news: Roadmap can’t be safely accelerated despite vaccine success, says minister

Nadhim Zahawi said the Government was considering whether large events in the UK would require the use of so-called vaccine passports.

The vaccines minister, who previously labelled the concept “discriminatory”, told BBC Breakfast: “We are exploring through the different pilots that we are running, certainly for mass events which could prove more challenging for us to open up, say, Wembley Stadium for the semi-final of the FA Cup or the final.

“If you want to go to 100% seat capacity at Wembley, you have to look at all these technologies which are available to you and I think it is only right and responsible for any government to explore that.

“Michael Gove is reviewing how we would do that – there are some very important questions that people will be clearly worried about, including issues around discrimination and we can’t be discriminatory in any way on this.

“Hence why, domestically, it is something that we have to explore, we have to be able to answer those questions.

“Internationally, it is right to make the certification available for our citizens and to shape the protocols around the world because clearly a number of countries are going to do this – we’d much rather do it in a co-ordinated way, which is what (Transport Secretary) Grant Shapps is trying to do at the moment and he is chairing the G7 meeting of ministers on this.”

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