How Is Technology Changing Poker Games

Over the past decade, advancements in technology have been game-changers for nearly all industries in the modern world. Poker platforms and the games they offer are no exception to the rule. Today, poker platforms worldwide use technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain, or Video Assistant referees (VAR).

Thanks to technology, these days, online poker sites can offer players a lot more than brick-and-mortar casinos could. They offer increased personalization, bonuses, comfort, more poker game variants, and plenty of other features.

It’s evident that the Internet is the starting point for any discussion regarding technology and poker. But that’s only where it all started, not where the story stops. Since the early days of online poker, technology has continued to evolve and has an even more significant influence over the way people play poker online.

Let’s delve a little deeper into how technology is changing poker games in the 21st century.

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Players can access poker games from anywhere, at any time.

Back in the days, poker games were only associated with high-class casinos, visited by only individuals from the high-class of societies, and underground, cigar-filled gaming nights. Today, that’s no longer the case because everyone can access these games, no matter where they are, at what time of the day, or what social status they have. All this thanks to technology.

Over the past decade, poker, together with pretty much all other casino games, has made a successful transition into the online world, contributing to the creation of a standalone industry within video gaming: online gambling.

The online nature of it makes it accessible to everyone, all the time, from anywhere. Online poker sites are available 24/7, and they only require a device and Internet connection to access them.

Better personalized poker experiences.

In today’s digitalized world, personalization is key. And it all relies on data.

Data is what pretty much any brand uses these days to personalize the services, products, and online experiences of their customers. Using big data, online poker sites can understand everything about their players, from demographics to favorite poker game themes, type of bonus preferred, and many others. This empowers them to tailor their services to their customers’ preferences.

Online poker experiences can feel very real with VR.

Virtual reality is kind of a buzzword in the tech world these days. We see VR being introduced in several industries, from real estate to automotive, tourism, learning and development, therapy, and online gambling.

The thing with VR, no matter the industry it is used in, is the fact that it allows customers to experience certain things in a safe and comfortable environment. For example, in therapy, VR technology is used for exposure therapy, permitting individuals gradual and controlled exposure to something they are afraid of.

In online gambling, VR is used to provide players with a very similar poker experience to what they would live in land-based casinos. And, this totally makes sense because poker, by nature, is a social game where players interact with one another. So, lacking face-to-face contact with the dealer and other players at the table does make players feel like there’s something missing.

But that’s when VR comes into the scene. Using VR technology, online casinos can generate illusions that trick the player’s brain into thinking that they are actually playing from somewhere they are not. A simple VR set can make poker players feel like they are playing from a virtual casino lobby next to other players.

Payments made with cryptocurrencies in Crypto casinos.

Cryptocurrencies have made a lot of noise lately. From Starbucks to Microsoft, Home Depot, or Tesla, several big brands have already announced that they are accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. Some online casinos have followed the trend as well.

Crypto casinos are becoming more widespread these days. They accept digital currencies as a form of payment. But, make no mistake, Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency accepted by online casinos. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, or Dash are also widely-used cryptocurrencies for gambling.

Now, these cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology which records and secures every transaction. The entire tech community stressed the idea that blockchain technology is a major step forward towards more secure financial transactions, all thanks to the fact that virtual currencies are secured by cryptography.

Trackers and HUD software help improve poker skills.

You know what they say, “knowledge is power.” Well, this pretty much applies in poker as well. The only difference here is that knowledge is money. And, that’s why players use technology to gather knowledge.

It’s not just online providers who use technological advancements to provide better gambling experiences. Gamblers, too, use technology to improve their game. Trackers and HUD software are only two examples of technologies used by players with this purpose. More precisely, the two record the player’s history with an opponent and then transform it into presentable statistics. Players can analyze these statistics, learn what other players are doing at the tables, and improve their own game and make better decisions in playing the game.

Another example of technology used by players to improve their game is the poker calculator. As the name suggests, a poker calculator calculates. More precisely, it calculates the odds and equity on the player’s hand.

Instant customer support with chatbots.

Another technology that you can find on pretty much any website these days, including online gambling sites, is the chatbot. Also known as conversational bots, they are software applications that are used by websites to provide online customer support via text or text-to-speech. Using artificial intelligence, these computer programs stimulate conversations or interactions with a real person.

So, say a poker player encounters troubles with making a deposit or withdrawing their winnings. That’s when the chatbots shine. They are always online to offer support and answer the questions of poker players on online gambling sites. Needless to say, this leads to improved customer experience.

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