Ice rink, restaurants, hotels and shops coming to Kino Sports Complex

TUCSON (KVOA) – The Pima County Board of Supervisors has continued plans to expand the Kino Sports Complex. 

“It just opens up the whole section to possibilities that weren’t there before,” Dan Gibson with Visit Tucson said.

“I’m definitely glad that they’re starting to change things up a bit,” Johnathan Hernandez, a nearby resident said. “Definitely a lot more traffic in the area which is nice to see.” 

What will the Kino District’s makeover mean?  

On more than 90 acres of land, Pima County will be adding sports facilities, shops, restaurants, three hotels and more.

“An icehouse. There will be three sheets of ice,” Carmine Debonis, Pima County Public Works Deputy County Administrator said. “A field house which has indoor sports courts and an arena and a stadium along with a parking garage.”  

“That sounds pretty exciting!” Michael McDonald, a nearby resident said. “Pretty good!” 

The stadium’s expected to hold more than 8,000 fans. That is four times more than the Kino Complex’s current stadium. 

Who is paying for the changes? 

“It’s being privately financed,” Debonis said. “The County is not contributing tax dollars to the construction of the project.”  

He said the finished project is expected to push an estimated $7 billion into our local economy over the next 40 years. It should be done by 2023.

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