Letter to editor: Opposed to U.S. sharing vaccine technology | Winchester Star

Letter sent by email to my Congresswoman and Senators today:

I am writing to oppose, in the strongest possible terms, President Biden’s plan to openly share COVID vaccine technology with all countries worldwide — including with such hostile states as Russia, China, and Iran. This might seem to some a great PR idea, but it would instead be a terrible strategic blunder!

It would be grossly unfair to the US taxpayers who paid for the development of this knowledge and competency, and to the US pharmaceutical industry that make the “miracle of the vaccine” possible.

It would undermine a critical advantage that our industry has over our competitors. Why on earth do that? If we want to be charitable, buy and give away shots, not knowledge.

More importantly, this unwitting blunder would give aid and comfort to our enemies! Through “reverse engineering” it would provide them with vital understanding of our research and development processes and enhance their capacity to design future vaccine-resistant viruses with which to attack us!

It would be absolute idiocy to provide the malefactors in Wuhan, Tehran, Moscow or elsewhere with an intelligence coup and the means to advance their malicious ventures. We do not give away our nuclear weapons technology and should treat biomedical technology in the same manner.

I urge the Congress to prohibit Mr. Biden from this extraordinarily misguided, indeed dangerous, action that would unquestionably and irrevocably compromise our national security.

Louis Knapp

Frederick County

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