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The world of technology, as we know it today was near its infancy but it still was touching the life of a very young boy.

He knew a little bit about Alexander Graham Bell and his telephone and he was told Dick Tracy was close to telling his comic world about his two-way wrist radio.

But, the youngster felt from the beginning that he was not destined to be thrust among those who would be deeply entwined in the upcoming invasion of high technology.

As mentioned earlier in this column, his mother loved telling others her little boy’s fondness for looking through openings in the back of the radio hoping to see some the the people doing all of that talking and playing all of that music.

That was along time ago and even now it’s difficult for him to understand how a person’s voice can be accepted by a wireless telephone and sent to another wireless phone hundreds or thousands of miles away.

And it just keeps getting more complicated.

It was strange enough when I could push a button in my car from a block away and my garage door would open. And it didn’t do much for my anti-technological brain when I could push another button on my car key and the doors would lock and the horn would blow letting me know the doors were locked.

Long before all of that, however, I visited my grandmother’s home in Pellville and watched as my uncle Millard listen to his radio which was powered by car battery. I didn’t tell my uncle, but there had to be people — at least little people — inside that radio cabinet.

So it went then and so it still goes today. While embarrassing for an elderly man to admit, my inability to comprehend the latest advancements in technology leaves me in a state of frustration.

Yes, I realize I’ve touched on this in a previous column but much has materialized since that time.

You would think the industry would try and let an old man try to catch up, but no, it just charges ahead with more impossibilities while I struggle trying to operate a cellphone.

Some so-called friends of mine get a big laugh every time they see my advanced-age phone, but why waste money on a new one when the one I have is not yet broken in.

Shoot, my grandson A.J, called me from his ship tied up at a far-away foreign port on Father’s Day and I heard every word he spoke on that old phone. But that happened in my left ear and not my right.

Anyway, it was a lot of columns ago when I first wrote some of this stuff and the technological sprinkle has now turned into a downpour.

I’m just going to sit back and pretend I know what’s going on and when it comes time for me to knock on those heavenly gates I’ll have to beg forgiveness for stupidity.

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