The week Apple actually managed to surprise us

The week Apple actually managed to surprise us

So, yes, there was an Apple event this week. But you already knew that. As always, the company’s new products have been the talk of the tech world, with fans and critics alike poring over every minute detail from the (in this case virtual) presentation. But perhaps the most surprising thing this time around was that Apple actually managed to, well, surprise us.

These days, pretty much everything gets leaked long before the event. But from the beautiful new iMac design to the internals of the iPad Pro, there were some pleasant surprises in store this week. If only somebody had written a roundup of the 5 biggest surprises from this week’s Apple event.

2021 iMac

We’re loving Apple’s new iMac design (Image credit: Apple)

Also surprising were some of the things we didn’t see. Leaks had suggested we’d be getting new AirPods, new iPad minis and various other things that failed to materialise. But hey, we got a purple iPhone 12. Swings and roundabouts.

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