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X-ray technology helps law enforcement agencies conduct contraband searches

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – A company that uses state of the art technology for security imaging and material identification gave 13 NEWS a look at how their equipment is being used by law enforcement agencies.

Viken Detection is dedicated to helping security and law enforcement officers by providing them technology that limits the time it takes to inspect vehicles for illegal material.

Viken Detection started out by producing technology that detected dangerous levels of lead in paint in home inspections.

Several years ago the company shifted their focus to developing technology that could be used to help fight the opiod crisis.

“Every city and state these days has a problem with fentanyl and the opiod crisis that’s going on in the country and again that has become our number one focus in all the solution technology that we developed,” said Aaron Hunt with Viken.

Viken’s HBI 120 is a handheld back-scatter x-ray imaging device that can help law enforcement or anyone in the security business.

“An officer or an agent can take the system and they scan whatever they are looking at or what they are inspecting and essentially we are able to see inside through the panels, the steel panels of vehicles and find the contraband, and find the drugs or the weapons or find the cash.”

The x-ray imaging software allows vehicle inspections to be more efficient and safer for the law enforcement officer performing it.

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